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5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Sally, I visited the shop on Thursday and have to say I love the top I purchased; pink, cotton tunic type. I very well might wear it to death, it’s so comfortable (especially in this heat at the moment)! I’ll be back soon no doubt to treat myself to something else 🙂 I’m on the look out for something similar in turquoise if you have it.

    1. THANKYOU for the lovely email..so pleased your happy.
      I have to confess I’m having a couple of days off so I’m not in the shop but we did have one similar in turquoise, if it’s not sold!
      If you send me a pic of the tunic I can pass it onto Jane and she can advise if we still have it..if not we can try and get something when we are next buying

      Sally xxx

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